Growing up in the Amazon, I felt deeply connected to nature. It's a magical place responsible for the balance of our planet. As I grew older, I realized my purpose was to help our people somehow and give back to the place that shaped me. That's why I created Amazontella - a fusion of American and Amazonian cuisine that brings a taste of the Amazon to the United States.

For me, life is all about evolution and purpose. I believe we're here to serve others and humanity. So while I could have been happy just running my business, I knew I wanted to do more. That's why I decided to donate 5% of my profits to indigenous communities in the Amazonas state, where I was born. It's gratifying to be a part of something that helps people who are so far away yet so close to my heart.

Now, Amazontella is shipped across the United States and Canada, providing unforgettable gastronomic experiences for our customers. With every purchase, we're changing lives - including my own.

We hope you enjoy the taste of the Amazon. Thank you for believing in my dream and supporting this project!

—Ludmilla Azevedo

Founder, Amazontella