Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Amazontella - where Amazonian magic meets your palate!

What makes your Cupuacu and Acai jams unique?

Our production process involves traditional methods that capture the essence of the Amazon. From harvesting to crafting, we prioritize authenticity, ensuring you experience the true flavors of Cupuacu and Acai. Our jams are handcrafted in the Amazon Rainforest using the finest ingredients, providing an authentic taste of this exotic region.

 Are your fruit spreads made with natural ingredients?

We pride ourselves on using only natural ingredients, everything is organic with no artificial additives or preservatives and 30% less sugar than the other fruit spreads.

Are these fruit spreads made using fair trade practices?

Yes, we are committed to fair trade principles, ensuring that the local communities in the Amazon benefit from the production of these jams.

Are the ingredients used in your jams sustainably sourced?

Absolutely! We prioritize sustainability and work closely with local farmers to source the purest ingredients in an environmentally responsible way.

Are the fruit spreads suitable for specific dietary preferences?

Yes, our fruit spreads are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and suitable for a variety of dietary preferences.

Are your Cupuacu and Acai jams FDA-approved?

Yes, our products are rigorously tested and approved by the FDA to meet the highest safety and quality standards.

How long is the shelf life of your jams?

Our jams have a 12-month shelf life, ensuring they stay fresh and delicious for an extended period.

Are your jams free from common allergens?

Yes, our Cupuacu and Acai jams are allergen-free, making
them suitable for individuals with various dietary restrictions.

How can I incorporate Cupuacu and Acai jams into my meals?

These jams are incredibly versatile. Enjoy them on toast, in smoothie bowls, on charcuterie boards are my must as a topping for cheesecake, waffle, pancakes, or even in savory dishes like marinades or glazes. Check out our blog post for more recipes!

Can I use the fruit spreads for baking?

Yes! Our fruit spreads add a burst of flavor to baked goods. Check our blog for delicious recipes and creative ways to use them in baking.

Can I find recipes or serving suggestions on your website?

You can! We have a blog on our website with delicious recipes and creative ideas for using our jams.

How do you contribute to the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest?

We actively support rainforest preservation initiatives and use sustainable practices to minimize our environmental impact. Our founder is an Amazonian Born who works hard to make sure we make a positive impact in the forest.

Do you work directly with Amazon Rainforest communities?

Yes, we have partnerships with local communities, ensuring that they receive fair compensation for their contributions to our products. We give back 5% of our profit to the communities around the Amazon River.

What if I receive a damaged or defective product?

We have a satisfaction guarantee. If your product arrives damaged or doesn't meet expectations, contact our customer service, and we'll make it right.

Do you offer Corporate Gift packaging or customization for special occasions?

Yes, we have gift options and can accommodate special requests for occasions like birthdays, weddings, companies, and other celebrations.

How quickly can I expect my order to be delivered?

Our shipping times vary, but we strive to get your order to you as quickly as possible. You can check our shipping policy for more details.

Do you accommodate wholesale or bulk orders for events, retailers, or other businesses?

If you are looking for innovative products with quality, contact our sales team or
for information on wholesale or bulk orders, perfect for events, retailers, or businesses looking to feature our unique Amazon Rainforest jams.