About Us

My connection with nature has always been strong, having grown up in the Amazon means for me to come from a magical place, rich and responsible for the balance of the planet!  I have been awakening to this purpose and understanding that it could somehow help our people, I feel my essence. My heart is there, my body is here. The way that a found to express my feelings was bringing a little taste of the Amazon to the United States, I worked in a fusion between American and Amazonian cuisine, the construction of flavors was made for you to have a unique experience.

For me, life is a mix of evolution and purpose.

I believe that we are here to serve others and humanity. I understood that I could be happy here. However, helping my people makes me happier, so I decided that 5% of my profitability goes to indigenous communities in Amazonas, state where I was born. There is nothing more rewarding than being part of this project and contributing to the development of people who are so far and yet so close.


Amazontella is shipped across the United States and Canada providing unbelievable gastronomic experiences for our consumers. Changing lives of many people, especially  my own life.


Thank you for believing in my dream,


Ludmila Azevedo